Getting Around Pittsburgh

One of the premier shopping, entertainment, and dining complexes in Pittsburgh, Station Square is easily accessible via several modes of transportation. The 52-acre waterfront complex is located directly south of Downtown Pittsburgh, so visitors will have to cross the Monongahela River to access some of the city's best shops, food, and entertainment. Coming from the Downtown district, drivers can get to Station Square by crossing several nearby bridges such as Liberty Bridge, Smithfield Street Bridge, and the Fort Pitt Bridge. The shopping complex can be accessed from Carson Street, which runs along Pittsburgh's rivers. To accommodate the large number of drivers, Station Square offers more than 3,500 parking spaces in multiple outdoor lots and one indoor garage. Visitors should be aware that the parking lots may be shared with nearby buildings, including the Sheraton Hotel.

The Port Authority of Allegheny County offers several options for getting to Station Square. The Light Rail Blue Line and Red Line both stop at Station Square. Both of these lines can be used to navigate most of Pittsburgh and some of the nearby suburban communities. Pittsburgh's Light Rail system is often referred to as "The T." Riders should be aware that the Blue Line branches out into two separate routes. One of the routes terminates at the Library Station in South Park Township while the other route terminates at South Hills Village in the township of Upper Saint Clair. The Red Line and Blue Line both stop at major Downtown Pittsburgh stations such as First Avenue, Steel Plaza, and Gateway. When visiting Station Square, tourists should experience the nearby Monongahela Incline rail ride, which offers great views of the Downtown skyline.

Dozens of Port Authority buses stop directly near Station Square or within walking distance. The entire bus network consists of hundreds of routes that circulate throughout all of Allegheny County. The bus network is split into South Busway, West Busway, and Martin Luther King Junior East Busway. Each network refers to the region of Allegheny County and Pittsburgh that is being served by the fleet of buses. Some bus routes that stop near Station Square include 39,40,41, 43,44, and 48.

Located in Downtown Pittsburgh, the Union Station (or Penn Station) is a gateway for visitors who enjoy taking long distance train rides to their tourist destination. The historic rail station is served by the Amtrak Capitol Limited and Pennsylvanian lines. These Amtrak trains make stops at major cities such as Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. Multiple Port Authority buses stop at the Pittsburgh Penn Station.